Walk with God

“Getting to know God Our Father”

In my walk with God, as in any relationship, it has been about two people getting to know each other through conversation and moving from one depth, to a deeper one, over time. The mystery of it all is that our creator doesn’t need to get to know me, as the Psalm says, “O Lord, you have searched me and you know me! You know when I sit and when I stand ; you discern my thoughts from afar”. Getting to know God our Father is a journey that I am invited to choose in life.

Finding our identity in God

However, no one is born knowing God intimately, each person must choose for himself to seek God. The thing is, when we do go searching for God it is he who finds us! Like the lost sheep, I came to realise that it was God who had found me and not I who found him. There are passages in the bible that help us understand who God is, like being slow to anger, rich in mercy, full of compassion; these words help provide a little human understanding of who God might be and what type of human characteristics he may have. Jesus Christ, the son of God the Father, reveals more to us about the mystery of God but the mystery of it all is that in getting to know God I am actually getting to know myself more and more. God reveals who I truly am the more that I continue on this journey with him.

God moves us forward in life

There have been many things about myself that only God would get away with revealing to me (if anyone else revealed these things to me, I might not be so able to take it). Perhaps that’s how the creator-created relationship ought to work, God has this gentle, nudging way of helping me to see my errors and I can deal with that and move onwards.

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  1. Mary Kelly on July 20, 2018 at 11:53 am

    Beautiful reflection from a God loving and inspiring
    Woman. Thank you Angela.

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