Hello I am Angela Mahon and I am delighted that you have found my page. I am married to Robert, my wonderful encouraging husband. Since the onset of our relationship music and faith were always going to be intertwined. We established a Music School in 2009, where we both teach music pupils from our surrounding communities. Robert and I work together on a lot of my songwriting projects. As a mother of five young children spare time is something of a luxury for me. However, when I do have time, I love to sing, write music and reflect on issues of faith and share them here on my website.

Musical Interests

Over the years, my taste in music has changed. In my teens, I was an absolute pop and rock fan, whereas now, as I begin my forties, I like to listen to musical theatre, opera, film music and many singer-songwriters.  Music has always meant something different to me throughout the various stages of my life.  I follow my dreams as best as I can amidst raising my little ones, it certainly is a very fine balancing act!


I wanted to be a singer since my childhood, using the sweeping brush as my microphone and the kitchen floor as my stage. I dreamt. Singing brings energy and meaning to my life. It took a few detours for me to realise that this is what I want to do with my life. The dream began to come alive in my twenties.

A New Direction changed the course of my path

It was around this time, that my life took a new direction. I can honestly say, that up until my early twenties life meant nothing to me. I lived under a dark cloud with a hole in my heart, and I wandered aimlessly around the globe, searching.

What I found to be Key to enjoying life

Nowadays, I really love life. I try to live so that everything I do has a purpose; everything is intertwined. My life probably looks messy on the outside but it feels good on the inside, whereas before I met God I was always trying to ensure my life looked well on the outside while inside I was a mess. For me the key to living and enjoying life is to maintain a deep and meaningful relationship with God.

I am delighted you dropped in and thank you for listening to my music.

Where does the music come from?