Time for Change

This week my thoughts are on a time for change. All good, bad and indifferent things come to and end, “this too shall pass”. There is a season and a time for everything and it’s hard to accept that we are limited. There is a certain amount we can control and have influence over and then there are things like time, people, events, politics, laws, cultures that we have little or no control over. Influential people come and go, too. This all points to change, in our own lives. There is a movement of change happening all around us all the time.

A Time of Unrest 

Life presents us with so many challenges and changes, we have times of joy and sadness, success and disappointments, hope and despair, laughter and tears, contentment and unrest.
I am in a time of unrest at the moment which means some sort of change is needed. Even though I am willing to face the fears that may arise as a result of impending change, I’m not sure if I like the feeling of being restless. I mean at this stage I have gotten used to the tell-tale signs of being restless. It usually begins with an irritability, something seems uneasy, as if I am feeling stuck and unable to move forward in life. I get restless, but I just can’t seem to put my mind to figuring out why.

Moving through restlessness

I am a creative person and I usually think creatively and need creative activities to move me forward through periods of restlessness and change. When I feel like this it’s as if I am magnetically drawn to start walking so that whatever is going on in me can find a way out of me through the walking. As I walk along beautiful trails, old winding lanes, beautiful panoramic beaches, or sometimes a city at nighttime, ideas come to me, ways forward come to me, things begin to slot into place. This is how my creative process works for me, sometimes it needs more than a walk so I start getting creative with cooking – making stews, soups, bread. Then I could begin to clean out a press, go for another walk until that eureka moment comes and I understand what change is needed and the measures I need to take to facilitate the change.

A change always needs focus and energy

You’d think I’d have gotten used to change by now, but I just don’t know if I really love change all that much. My life has been full of change, I’ve lived in three different countries, and five different counties, and at one stage I moved three times in one year. I’m nearly ten years married and that has brought barrels of change including five kids. Successful change needs focus, energy and vision to move things in a certain new direction. I love adventure or, at least, I like the idea of adventure, but what is it about change that throws me off completely? I’m like a bear with a thorn (this is true ask RM) until I can try and discover what it is that’s irritating me.

Everything changes and comes to and end, except for One

Living a life that is constantly changing and evolving both reminds me of my faith and reinforces my faith at the same time. It is my faith in the one who is and who never ends, that urges me onwards. Since his death in 33AD there is one who continues to have influence and followers all over the world in every century and throughout two millennia. So even though we come and go, governments come and go, centuries come and go, and everything comes to and end; Jesus Christ will never come to an end. He continues to befriend and lead his followers today as he did two-thousand years ago. Why? because of our need for him, we were created by God and the fulfilment of all our yearnings can only be found in God himself. 

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