What it means to Be Fully Alive!

I’ve been asked so many times- Angela how do you manage it all, where do you get your energy? 

I’m a mother of five small kiddos – my husband and I run our own business, a music school and I’m a singer-songwriter and am usually involved in some sort of project/concert. How do I do it? The secret is, I don’t do it- I’ve become Fully Alive in Christ – He does it- and I allow Him to do it! 

How did I become Fully Alive? 

It all started when I asked Jesus Christ to lift me out of my miserable darkness, I was at a stage in my life where despair consumed me- mental anguish pressed down upon me from the moment I opened my eyes each morning until I closed them again. I felt a heaviness of heart which consequently left me with no desire to get out of bed, no energy and a lack of energy and motivation to live. 

I had a negative outlook and I used negative words, I saw the glass as always being half empty. I didn’t understand who I was, I didn’t know who I was. What I did understand was, I desired a different kind of Life – I really hated who I was –  who I had become – I had become a parched tree scorched in the desert – with no life in me –  I was almost fully dead. 

I wanted a life of real happiness, a life where love was real-I wanted REAL LOVE – I didn’t want any more empty lies and untruths – I wanted someone to love me without any games, agendas or strings attached. I wanted someone who could offer me this love without wanting something in return other than my love. Who would love me for me, for me just being me – no hiding – just all that I am – no masks – just a bare complete me in my entire imperfection? 

In time, I learnt to face Christ – and face to face with Christ, I was met with love. I found I could be my complete self, with no inhibitions, no masks, and in my entire imperfection, I didn’t need to make excuses or explain myself – he knew me through and through and that was the beginning of my revelation and my continuing journey of becoming Fully Alive in Christ! 

The Glory of God is man fully alive (St Irenaeus) 

To be fully alive is to be awake. Awake to God, Awake to others and Awake to ourselves. (Thoreau)  

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