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New Single Release


EP. Released on August 30th, 2019



What stood out for me on this release is that the vocals are so crisp and prominent on this selection of songs, which in turn shows how amazing Angela's vocals are. These are deep, personal songs, and for me that's how all songs should be, but here we have an amazing vocalist basically writing and signing her deepest thoughts... 'When I Found Love' is a big piano number, and for me is one of the real standout songs here.

Review by Jono Davies LTTM


ALBUM. Released in May, 2009




Heartfelt Christian Worship Songbook

Heartfelt Christian Music

14 Original Songs

including Hope on the Horizon, Heart & Mind, When I Found love and many more. A wonderful resource for Christian musicians!

Perfect for individuals and church worship leaders

with easy piano parts, all vocal lines with lyrics, plus guitar chords for added versatility.

As a bonus, when you purchase this Songbook

also included is a digital file of printable lyric and chord sheets handy for your music group performing with you during church services.

Towards the Light EP

The powerful story of the moment in Angela's life when

"the Lord opened her heart".

Acts 16:14

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Her music is very heartfelt and helps draw you closer to our Lord and saviour. I like the fact that she uses scriptures in her songs . You can feel her genuine honesty about where she is at spiritually when she wrote her songs... words matter, so I like songs with a deep spiritual message. Angela's songs have that.

Amy Baumgardner

Wonderful worship music, beautiful voice. Great for quiet times and relaxation. I recommend her music.

Deborah Lenore Veldman-Thomas

Angela has a terrific voice the music is an inspiration and very relaxing.

Phillip Millar

Angela has a beautiful voice. Her songs are beautifully written and inspirational. She's musically talented 🎶 🎼

Annie Vlinden


She indeed has a Beautiful voice ....that of an angel. I could sit back, relax and listen to her sing my whole life long and never get tired....Truly an Incredible Singer. I consider myself to be BLESSED to have known her.

Ivan Paris

Booking Enquires

Angela is based in Wexford, Ireland and available for travel, to give testimony and sing her music in your church. Get in touch here for bookings