Where does the music come from?

In Wexford, and particularly in this area where we live, when a person has a bit of musical ability the question is always asked, “where does the music come from?”


About twenty years ago, I was given my grandmother’s fiddle. So, I thought I’d go along and get a few lessons. But the fiddle was full of woodworm, and so I had to buy a new one! Alas, a fiddle player I did not become, but off I went to college anyway to study music.  Then, ten years ago when I moved down to Wexford, to the area where my parents are both from, I was given my grandmother’s collection of songs…and so we say the music comes from my grandmother. A lady indeed she was, known as Mrs Katherine Martin of Kiltra (RIP 20th Anniversary). This picture is my granny Martin’s song collection which I inherited along with her great love for music.

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  1. Renee Doyle on July 22, 2018 at 9:14 pm

    What a lovely story and quite a revelation for me, as I never realised that Mrs Martin had been a violin player! I knew certainly thta she loved music and her knowledge of the Irish language made an impression on me as a child. What an achievement and success story Angela. With both sides of your family having a love of music in their genes, you have not only kept up that tradition, but taken it to even further heights. Long may you continue to enarm us with your beautiful voice and compositions. What a gift. 😊

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