Singing and Music are part of who I am.

angela singing faith music

Being a mum and pursuing my passion for singing and music In all honesty, there is no magical solution to being a working mum and trying to pursue anything, it is always going to be a tough task. I am constantly being asked how do you have time to work? How do you make time…

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“Rhythm of the Little Sea”

Rhythm of the Little Sea “The Song” I almost didn’t write this one. The idea that you need absolute stillness, quiet and to be left alone to allow your creativity to flow, has been completely smashed by the experience I had writing this song. THE COMPOSITION I wrote this song having come downstairs, whacked out and…

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Where does the music come from?

In Wexford, and particularly in this area where we live, when a person has a bit of musical ability the question is always asked, “where does the music come from?” Roots About twenty years ago, I was given my grandmother’s fiddle. So, I thought I’d go along and get a few lessons. But the fiddle…

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