The Children, The Children

In the last few weeks school has resumed for the children and I am back into part-time work. In our home the comings and goings are all rather messy as we try to adopt a routine and create habits again after the leisurely summer break.

My thoughts on Family Life

I see that each Family has something unique to offer their community and the world around them. I mentioned previously how difficult I find trying to balance motherhood, work, singing, and a few other things that I like to give my time to. I have never quite found the words to describe how I manage other than I muddle through, or should I say, we all muddle through as a family. Life is messy, it’s chaotic, it’s ever changing, unpredictable, versatile, intense and almost always challenging. But to bring it all together, life is also joyful, loving, filled with hugs and smiles, saying nice things and lounging, praying, singing and dancing together.

Did I mention that I have five small children…

So, yes, I have five small children and my days revolve around taking care of them. Yes, it is a huge responsibility, overwhelming and a struggle most of the time,  I may add. In the face of cold reality it may seem that children are a burden of responsibility and yes, this may well be the case in infancy and when they are young. So, I really wanted to look at what makes having children worthwhile.

I  believe in my children…

I believe in my children and I believe they are worth every one of my struggling moments and every one of my efforts when I feel overburdened and tired. First of all, I get the privilege of becoming and being a mum to each one of them. I’ve been able to carry each child to term whereupon I’ve witnessed the miracle and wonder of bringing forth new life. Our children are a gift to us, I have learnt so much about myself because of my children.

As a mother I’ve been learning from my children

With each new child another little piece of my laziness and selfishness has been purged from me. Because of my children, I have been learning to cherish moments – living in and prioritising, for the day; taking bigger challenges onboard; laughing at myself. But, the most important thing that my children teach me, is to love. To love more deeply, to love without reserve, to love even when I don’t feel like it and to try to love more unconditionally. With this in mind, my hope is that I may be able to give them my love and time, my affection and attention so that, they may grow and develop confidently and uniquely into themselves.

Moving beyond my own limits and allowing grace to help me!

Each child continues to provide me with an opportunity to grow in my understanding, compassion, love and mercy for humanity. Often, when I find myself overwhelmed by responsibilty and feel I have reached my limit, the challenges of being a mum to our little ones catapults me beyond what I feel are my limits, to a place where by the grace of God I discover a new inner and mental strength. Family is a blessing, our children are a blessing. Coming home to outstretched arms, energised tanks of unconditional love and loud squeals of Mammy, Mammy, Mammy is a blessing. 

Tune in next week for Part two: Being a mum and pursuing my passion for singing and music. Check out my latest release here Struck Down By Grace

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