Love, Love, Love, Family, Faith and Friends

Love, Love, Love, Family, Friends and Faith

Next week is going to be a memorable week, we (all seven of us!) are attending, The World Meeting of Families 2018. We are really looking forward to this event which for us is all about LOVE. Love of Family, Love of Friends and Love of Faith. We will get a chance to catch up with friends and family and celebrate our faith together, our faith in Jesus Christ.

I think Jesus of Nazareth was the coolest man who ever walked the planet, because he desired our good with all his heart. He alone is totally the good shepherd and only he could be, because he is God. Stories throughout the bible continually tell of his desire, 

to take away people’s pain, to heal people’s illnesses,

to restore mental health to those in need, to raise up the lowly, 

to serve all those in need, to console those in mourning,

to bring about justice, to bring darkness into light, to bring peace. 


In my own life, Jesus Christ has:

Taken pity on me and helped me,

He has turned my mourning into dancing,

brought me from darkness to light and clothed me with joy, 

and so my heart will sing to him unceasingly and tell of his good deeds. (Psalm 30, Paraphrased)

My confidence comes from the one who created me, the one I came from, the one I will be returning to. I am confident because he lives through me and this is what we are going to celebrate together as a family, with our friends, at the World Meeting of Families!      


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