Brokenness exists, who is perfect?

Brokenness exists, it’s in our genes, it’s part of our make-up.

Who is perfect?

The closest contact I have had with human perfection was when I held each of my newborn babies. That’s five times now! They were perfect. Then they learnt to talk and walk and act like all children, fighting and arguing. I soon realised they were just like all of us, imperfect in an imperfect world. Imperfetion is part of human nature, it’s in our genes and part of our make-up. We do things we know that we shouldn’t. Act in a way we’re not proud of. Say words to cause offence and hurt. We make judgements on others. I know so many good people, but there is only one I know who is perfect, Jesus Christ. He doesn’t judge others, He doesn’t cause harm to anyone, and He acts with purpose. His mission is clear: to enter into our brokenness and give us something NEW – a life overflowing with joy. A deep oasis of joy. This joy being Jesus who is perfect, because he is God.

Comparing yourself to others

Yet, in the media, humans are portrayed as being the ultimate in perfection and placed in the limelight, on a pedestal. If we constantly compare ourselves to the world’s idea of this perfection, we will always fall short. We fall short because of the weakness and imperfection of our human nature. God does not call us to compare ourselves with others, God calls us to be unique and to be ourselves. The living out of who we are is a journey of self discovery. We take this journey on every day by accepting who we are, and where we are. We must walk  the road ahead, but not by ourselves, we walk the road with Christ. My experience has taught me that when God crosses your path things are never the same again. You change and that change choreographs everything in your life. For me it was the ultimate change for the better.

Understanding weakness

In the Gospel of John, Chapter 8, there is a woman who was caught having an affair, who is brought before Jesus. He doesn’t judge her, and to those who brought her to be stoned, he said, “Let anyone among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her”. When no stones were thrown, and Jesus is left alone with the woman, he asks, “Has no one condemned you?” She replied, “No one, sir.”And Jesus said, “Neither do I condemn you. Go your way, and from now on do not sin again.” God, unlike the media and public opinion, understands our weakness and He is the essence of compassion.

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