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Reflections on walking with God

February 18, 2020
February 18, 2020

I’ve been asked so many times- Angela how do you manage it all, where do you get your energy?

I’m a mother of five small kiddos – my husband and I run our own business,

a music school and I’m a singer-songwriter and am usually involved in some sort of project/concert.

How do I do it? The secret is, I don’t do it- I’ve become Fully Alive in Christ – He does it -and I allow Him to do it!

How did I become Fully Alive?

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Red Hearts Valentine's Day Facebook Post

God Says, 'You Belong'

When we face family troubles, great losses, sadness, ill-health, poverty, anxiety,

darkness and despair. Must we face these alone?

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I never wanted to follow God!

October 05, 2019

I never wanted to follow God, I mean, seriously, who really wants all that challenge in their life not to mention the entire anti God era we live in.

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New Music! New Love

September 23, 2019  

Towards the Light” tells the personal and autobiographical story of Angela’s conversion journey.

Living a miserable hell is how she describes the darkness that once consumed her every thought.

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June 05, 2019

At the moment I am gearing up to release my second big music project, following on from my 10-track album “Divine Friendship”

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May 25, 2019

Greetings from Ireland. I am Angela Mahon, a Contemporary Christian Artist - with a Catholic Twist!

First of all, I am delighted you are here and a thousand Irish welcomes to you. 

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Why We Worship

Why We Worship

Why worship Him?

We worship God because we feel called by God and we want to respond.

When we listen to the small voice we hear the call of God.

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