New Music! New Love

May 25, 2019


Greetings from Ireland. I am Angela Mahon, a Contemporary Christian Artist - with a Catholic Twist! First of all, I am delighted you are here and a thousand Irish welcomes to you. As part of the strong community of all people who desire to serve Christ, my hope is that we can Set the World on Fire.

The entire vision for my music is that it may empower us mentally and at the same time to build us up in our faith in Christ. Through my own experience, and my walk with Christ, I have learnt how to let love embrace me. The songs in my album, "Divine Friendship", are very much a reflection on this time in my life.

This summer,  my new EP, "Towards the Light", will be released and I'm very excited for you to hear these new Contemporary Christian songs with a Catholic twist! I wrote these songs about a time in my life when I didn't feel loved, and they reflect my journey along the narrow path towards a deep and loving relationship with Christ.

Please watch this space for further updates about my upcoming  EP, "Towards the Light". I would also love for you to come join me on my Facebook community, to keep up with all my latest news. And remember, together, with Christ, we can Set the World on Fire.

God Bless

Angela x