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'You Belong' The second song release this year from Irish singer is a further ‘call’ from God - 'You Belong' are the words God speaks directly to us, he wants us to know that “my love, is all for you”.

'You Belong' is one of many songs penned by Angela during 2020 and is her second single release this year. A reflection on the depth of God’s love for us, 'You Belong' is an intimate account of God speaking directly to each one of us. We are reminded that in the midst of all our storms, God will raise us high and breathe his life into us - that his love, is all for us.

'I hope this song will help people realise, that God loves them intimately' explains Angela. “God is calling us out of darkness, and God wants us to know that his deep, personal love is available for everyone”. My favourite line is, 'And I will raise you high even though you're cast down, and I will breathe my life onto you'.

Angela’s pure, celestial voice delivers every syllable of this song with love and conviction. It is a stunning vocal performance above a beautiful blend of instruments and almost hypnotic drum beat. 'You Belong' brings us on a journey deeper into the heart of God and will resonate with believers everywhere.

‘You Belong’ is available everywhere October 1st 2021


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Single Release 1st October 2021

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Out for Release 1st October

Angela Mahon



30th July 2021



Angela Mahon has been using her powerful, evocative voice to spread the word of God in community and church for over twenty years. Born and raised in the south of Ireland, Angela envisions a world where Christians can come together as one, joining in song to celebrate Jesus in all his creations. Angela is an exciting new voice in contemporary Christian music, one who will bring her listeners closer to God.

Angela grew up in the Curragh of Co. Kildare. From an early age, she was inexplicably drawn to the sound of the church bells ringing out and its music pouring out over the land, she loved spending much of her childhood singing in the children's choir. Having eight siblings, she grew up with an intense appreciation for family and faith, two principles that would shape her professional career.  

In 2007, Angela met her husband Robert while the two were serving as Music Ministers for the CASA Community. It proved to be a serendipitous meeting, as the two quickly found themselves to be musical soulmates. In the summer of 2008, they released their first collaborative album titled ‘Divine Friendship.’ With lyrics and music written by Angela and arrangements scored by Robert, the album brought them closer together and was the beginning of a long, fruitful relationship, initiated by a proposal of marriage during the work on this album.

Angela spent the ensuing years honing her craft and strengthening her relationship with God while bringing five beautiful children into this world. She wrote countless songs along the way, releasing several of them and an EP in 2019, but most importantly, she fully committed herself to serving God through song. Upon listening to her sing, it becomes immediately apparent that God’s spirit is alive inside Angela’s heart - that her songs are rooted in unwavering faith. Angela intends to do everything in her power and through the grace of God to continue using her voice and writing songs to spread joy to her fellow believers for years to come.