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Hello, and welcome, to our music ministry page, Heartfelt Christian Worship. The Heartfelt Christian Worship team consists of me, Angela Mahon, and my husband, Robert. We have been involved in music ministry for a long time. In fact, this is how we met! We were volunteers with the Chrisitian group CASA, working together providing the music ministry in Dublin and Kildare. After we were married, we settled in Wexford, where we now live with our five beautiful children. We serve in our local parish, and surrounding communities, as music ministers.

After years of discernment, and led by the spirit, we established Heartfelt Christian Worship - an online music ministry outreach. We have a dedicated Facebook group called Heartfelt Christian Worship, where we interact with each other, in a positive and encouraging environment. Robert and I host The Worship Hour, a regular  live-streamed event in our Facebook group and on YouTube. We invite you to join us in our online space, where we, as Christians, worship in fellowship and song, and pray for each others' intentions.

Heartfelt Christian Worship relies on donations in order to continue its outreach. Your contribution helps to cover the running costs of this music ministry.

We thank you for your support.

In Christ,

Angela & Robert

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