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Receive the digital download of  “One Call” now out for release. The download package includes an mp3 file, all artwork, and lyrics and chords of the song.

Angela Mahon Releases Powerful Single ‘One Call’

The latest from the Irish singer is a powerful ode to God and a reminder of the importance of answering his call.

Like nearly everyone on earth, Angela Mahon spent 2020 contemplating the deeper meaning of her existence.  Like countless times before, she turned to God for answers.  Her latest song is an emotional account of the bond between God and humankind, and a reminder that he will always have answers for us if we only listen.

“I hope this song will remind people of who God is,” Angela explains.  “He cares so deeply for us, and he promises to lead us out of the darkness.

Accompanied by a celestial choir, Angela delivers a stirring vocal performance.  You can hear the power of her conviction in every note she sings.  ‘One Call’ is an unforgettable performance that will find a place in the hearts of believers everywhere.

‘One Call’ released on 7/30/21

ONE CALL  3:40 

Composed by Angela Mahon


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