Divine Friendship Album & Towards the Light Album (Autographed Physical CDS)




Divine Friendship Album

My Debut Album. A Collection of Inspirational beautiful songs that will lead you in prayer to the heart of our God.

10 Track Album by Angela Mahon

1. I Want to Hold Your Hand 4:31

2. Heart and Mind 2:50

3. How I Long 3:52

4. My Child 4:06

5. Lord Jesus I Love You 3:22

6. Precious Blood 3:21

7. Lamb of God 2:23

8. Remember 3:28

9. The Joy of Jesus Christ 1:55

10. Singing Alleluia 3:00


Towards the Light (Physical CD) EP

This EP has 5 Positive & Encouraging Christian Songs that take you on her Journey “Towards the Light”.

5 Track EP by Angela Mahon

1. Struck Down By Grace 2:24

2. Break Free 3:41

3. When I Found Love 3:40

4. Hope on the Horizon 3:12

5. Towards the Light 3:29

As an Independent Artist, I thank you for your support.

All Songs are Composed by Angela Mahon

All Arrangements are by Robert Mahon (My Wonderful husband)


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