There is a Hope on the Horizon...

"We keep moving forward in life, overcoming the battles within, Christ sets us free conquering one place at a time. Then one day we wake up and suddenly realise we are living a life in Christ and we feel fully alive."

"The life I once despised has become the life I love and cherish."

Angela Mahon

There is always Hope

Nothing remains the same except the one whom everything comes from. When we put our trust in His care for us, our lives are being continuouly filled with His grace. An anointed grace that carries us onwards amidst our sufferings in this life!

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Live Worship

Sometimes I am joined by my husband Robert in our local community church. Also online in our Facebook Group Heartfelt Worship Music & Reflections. Come join us on Friday nights in online here

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Reach New Heights

When you dig deep you find hidden treasures within. Walk with God in relationship and reach new heights in every area of your life.

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